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Brief History

Welcome to S.S.N.G

The Spastics Society of Northern Greece (SSNG) was founded in 1970 in Thessaloniki as an association for the parents of spastic children and became the Spastics Society of Northern Greece in 1980. Its members are parents of children and youths with special needs, handicapped persons themselves as well as interested friends. According to its Charter, the majority of the Board of Directors belong to the handicapped and their parents.

The Spastics Society of Northern Greece (SSNG) is a specially recognized charitable body (according to law 1111/72) supervised and funded by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. It is also a member of the Panhellenic Federation of Parents’ and Guardians’ Societies of Handicapped People.

The SSNG’s objectives are on the one hand to provide services to the disabled and their families, and on the other, to help bring about suitable conditions in the community for the integration of the handicapped on an equal basis.



Christmas Bazaar

Visit our Christmas Bazaar web page

Fitness & Sports

Exercise, sports and fitness in the S.S.N.G.

Theater Group

Information about our theater group, interviews etc.

Our Services


Professional Training

Our Vocational Training Departments

Medical Attention

The medical attention that our students receive

Social Integration

We do our best to socially integrate our students into society

Psychological Services

Information about the psychological services that our students receive

Physical Therapy

Information about the physiotherapy program offered by ESBE


Information on the housing divisions of EBSE

Our dedication and passion goes to more than 70 students!

Events Conferences & Seminars

Events conferences and seminars about
E.S.B.E and disability


Summer Camp

Information on the organization of summer camps
by E.S.B.E


+30 2310 489247-9

P.O. Box: 20057 Postal code: 551 10
Kalamaria, Thessaloniki 551 10


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