Programs of the Day Care Center of the Spastics Society of Northern Greece

The Specialty Center of Vocational Training (E.K.E.K.) of the S.S.N.G. implements* three subprojects to provide integrated interventions in 37 individuals with disabilities (motor and multiple) in Education 1) in Computing and Teleworking (* from 01/06/2013), 2) the use of new technology (PC) in Weaving , Ceramics and Crafts (* from 20/02/2013) and 3) in the design and production of promotional items using new technology (* from 20/02/2013).

All three programs include 80 hours pre-training and 320 hours of training (100 hours of theoretical training and 220 hours of practical exercise). The training of the individuals, both at theoretical and internship level, will take place in the structures of the respective specialty of the Spastic Society of Northern Greece, and indeed because of nature of the disability of the target group. Assistive Services (20 sessions for each person) will be provided while training to 15 individual and five group sessions throughout the program period.

The action takes place in the framework of the Operational Programme 'Human Resources Development' within the project 'Assistance for vulnerable social groups from certified specialty center for social and professional integration of people with disabilities and detoxified persons or persons under rehabilitation as well as certified Vocational Training (CVT) on 3 Phasing Output' with code MIS 373791sto National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF 2007-2013) and funded by the European Union and the Greek State.

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