Handicrafts Department

The S.S.N.G. operates a total of 4 handicrafts departments.

The activities of these departments address the skills and abilities of the individual person.

The objective of the instructors is the creative work - training to strengthen

  • (A) skills,
  • (B) communication
  • (C) sociability and
  • (D) behavior.

Specifically, students are involved in:

  • Activities relating to the maintenance of knowledge and skills. These are: reading, writing, language and grammar exercises, games, construction, crafts, painting, debates and entertainment with music.
  • Activities related to learning new knowledge and skills, such as, educational games through PC.
  • Activities of manufacturing decorative objects (candles, magnets, picture frames, placemats, etc.) for the annual christmas bazaar of S.S.N.G.

Finally, one of the main goals is the inclusion and participation of students in social events, which is achieved through various activities.

Handicrafts Department

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