Fitness & Sports

This department deals with physical fitness (strength - strength - flexibility) of our students. It operates on a weekly program in which students participate in activities like psychomotor therapy, educational games, rhythm and breathing exercises and in basic sports like volleyball, basketball and Boccia. Additionally, visits are often organized in golf and bowling carousels.

The above activities are implemented in our multi-purpose room, the outdoor courtyard and basket court, while for excerising, students are using appropriate instruments such as weights, tires, ropes, pins, rollers and balance balls, treadmill, bike, stepper etc.

In our physical education programs we also record the performance of our students, so as to modify the methodology and workout on an individual level.

The general objectives of involvement of students in physical education activities is the development of basic motor skills, as well as robustness, fitness, recreation or sport initiation and further socialization.

Fitness & Sports

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